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Shannon Page contains multitudes: backwoods hippie child, nude model, trophy wife, unsuccessful realtor, very successful editor and, always, a writer. Her essay topics range from personal growth to relationship styles to life on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest. Page also explores the pressing questions of life, like whether or not to have children, wear a bra, get a divorce, or pose for Playboy. From making a perfect cassoulet to writing a novel in three weeks flat, Page’s warm and welcoming essays tie together all these threads and more.

A woman flees an abusive husband and finds hope in the wilds of the Arizona desert.

A comprehensive 10-step guide on the aftermath of grief and loss and how best to manage your life when you feel least inclined to continue living.

Tragedy strikes the sleepy town of Wrangler’s Hill, Indiana, when a retired media giant is found dead in his car. Immediately, amateur sleuths Geneva and Iris suspect foul play. Follow their adventures in this installment of the Mrs. Pomolo series.

After her mother's death, Elizabeth receives a book and an ancient Celtic ring that will change her life forever, and reveal her mother's most closely guarded secret: Elizabeth has another family, one with an ancient tradition of spirituality and magic.

Do you wish that you had pursued your creative talents? Do you think it's too late to try? This inspirational guide to embracing your innate creativity offers simple, everyday practices for anyone looking to reignite their creative spark.

When two murders occur at the local high school, amateur sleuths Geneva Pomolo and Iris Reeves are thrust neck-deep into their most dizzying case yet. And when an innocent teenage girl is targeted, it will take all of Geneva's considerable ingenuity to solve the mystery before the killer strikes again.

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Patricia Shade is a versatile audiobook narrator, storyteller, teacher, actor, and musician. For many years she performed in plays and musicals in the vibrant theatre scene of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Since moving to California, she has performed with the Davis Shakespeare Ensemble, and expanded her activities to include audiobook narration for, book readings for Stories on Stage Davis, and radio theatre with the Bike City Theatre Company. An accomplished pianist and singer, Patricia also sings with the Davis Community Chorale. When she isn't performing for a wider audience, Patricia teaches lower elementary students in a mixed age classroom at Bergamo Montessori School in Sacramento.

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